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Expert Data Recovery services to retrieve your lost files quickly and securely.
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Data Recovery services

Expert Data Recovery & Peace of Mind! If you have lost your data you have come to the right place. Whatever the cause, whether it’s hardware failure or data corruption, or any of the scenarios listed below, it is important not to make the problem worse by trying to carry out improper recovery methods.

Minor scenarios

• Formatted, Deleted, or Overwritten Hard Drives
• Corrupted Files from crashes or Infection
• Registry Corruption, causing Looping or Command errors
• Security Confusion causing unwanted limitations

Major scenarios requiring advanced repair

• Click of Death, Screaming, ZipZip Noise, No detect
• Physical defects in Hard Drives
• Failed Actuators, Fried Controllers, No-Spin, Head damage
• Overheated, Dropped, Burnt out, Flood damage, Power Spiked

What we can to help

• Rebuilds into donor drives or platter and/or head exchange.
• We have over 3600 firmware modules.
• We have over 400 donor models for rebuilds or parts.

Additional services available

• Restore Corrupted Windows installations
• Data Recovery from Flash Drives, Memory Sticks, Old FDDs, Scratched CDs
• Messages, SMS and Contacts Recovered from Dead Phones and Sim Cards

High Data Recovery success rates based on 20 years experience

Minimum charge is only $64.00 plus GST